Sunday, September 7, 2008

There is no cure for herpes

Nearly 2 years later....I'm BACK BITCHES!

Explanations and catch-up to come soon.


Jon said...

oh, and love your header and ummm... what the fuck is with the title of this post???? WHAT A WAY TO RETURN!

Jon said...

I am glad your'e back... if you couldn't tell

Memphis Steve said...

I may be a douche, but by God, I have not forgotten about you, you KuhRazy Doctor Girl!

And I'm glad you're back. Where's Avery?

Steph said...

Jon- I'm like herpes, I'm gone for awhile but I always come back baby.

Memphis- Damn straight you didn't forget about me. I haven't talked to Avery in almost a year, sadly. Last time we spoke she was crazy busy with work and was engaged! Then she sort of fell off the face of the earth. I know she was having some problems with some crazy stalker last time I talked to her. I miss her. Wish I knew a way to get ahold of her