Sunday, September 14, 2008


I don't know a lot about politics and am that typical young punk kid who doesn't really have an interest in politics either. According to a crabby old bitch I work with, I am the reason this country is on the decline. She likes to remind me on a weekly basis how much my generation sucks and how we're all a bunch of slackers.

I have no excuse for my lack of political interest or knowledge. It just doesn't appeal to me. I think I started really getting turned off by the process when those stupid political commercials became such a huge part of the campaign process. They throw a bunch of useless facts at us in a quick, flashy way. Honestly, they could make up any statistic, put it in a commercial with some doom and gloom music behind it and make it sound true. The only way to figure out if said stats are accurate is to actually do some research and let's face it, we're America. We're lazy. And they know it. Those ads are patronizing and continue to get worse. At some point we're going to turn on the tv and hear about how one presidential candidate slaps hookers, kicks puppies into mud puddles, rapes babies and then dick slaps their foreheads AND they don't believe in offshore drilling!!!!!

Having said all that, I think John McCain is really old and he creeps me out. He looks like he'd be someone's questionable neighbor who stares out his window a little too long watching kids play in the streets. And I really think he picked that woman as his vice prez candidate because she has a vagina and he wants to get the vagina vote. I don't like that. Pick someone because they're capable, not because they pee sitting down. Sadly, there are a lot of pissed off, stupid women in this country who will vote that way simply because they want to be a part of female history. Palin doesn't have to say anything at this point. All she has to do is show up to rallies, prove she has tits and call it a day. The she-sheep of this country will do the rest.

I probably won't vote. Not because I'm too lazy to wake up early and go to the polls before work (which of course I am), but because haven't taken an interest in this election and am not one of those people that just shows up and votes for whoever they think might fuck shit up the least. I would rather people not vote than vote out of ignorance.


Lolita said...

I hate politics.

Memphis Steve said...

I think you summed it up pretty well. As for your coworker who slams on your generation, if she's a Baby Boomer then you need to slap her and tell her to take a good hard look at what her own generation did to this country. Then slap her again, just for me. And whether she is or not, she's wrong. Every generation since the Baby Boomers has been increasingly fed up with the bullshit and propaganda. I swear, things have gotten worse than anything this country has ever seen with all the fucking protesting every time someone farts or lights a cigarette. The louder the protestors yell, the harder it is to care.

Steph said...

lolita- you and me both sister

steve- I will gladly slap the old bitch for the both of us

Blogosaurus Rex said...

I'd be more worried about the fact that Palin is a kill-a-polarbear-for-Jesus fundamentalist Christian. If she gets in, you're fucked, and us Canucks along with you. Religion needs to stay the fuck out of politics. If I could vote for your election, I'd vote to keep her and creepy old war-monger John McCain out.

Here in Canada, at least we can vote for something completely hopeless like the "Marijuana Party" just to protest the lack of anything good to vote for.