Sunday, September 7, 2008

The artist formerly known as stephdoesblogger

Did you think I had left you for good? Were you afraid I had been killed in some tragic kinky sex accident? Death by sex swing? Whipped to death by an overzealous gimp perhaps?

Truth is, I had every intention of keeping up with my blog once again. And then...I just got bored. I thought my boredom would be temporary. But after a few weeks of not blogging I just didn't have the urge to come back and eventually forgot my passwords and then REALLY didn't want to make the effort.

So here we are, almost 2 years later and I'm back like an outbreak of herpes. You can go months, years without one of those nasty sex bumps. You think you're safe. And then BAM! You get a wicked case right before your big date with Susie Bigtits. And let's face it, no one likes a bumpy peepee.

So what have I been doing with myself for the last year and a half? much. Too much for me to properly recap. There has been a lot of drama, a new direction in my med school education, a bitch beatdown with my brother's now EX wife, new friends, a new home, some traveling, and of course a healthy dose of slapping hips with guys who wish they could be Mr. Steph.

My latest hunk of man-meat is Dan and we have the best relationship...the long distance kind. And this time I'm smarter about it. Obviously messing around with someone who is only a few short hours away didn't cut it so now I have gone out of state. So much better this way.

I met him while doing some traveling with the girls about 4 months ago. We met. We got along. He didn't annoy the shit out of me. We made out and ended up spending about my last few days in his city hanging out. And as a sure sign of personal growth I didn't even sleep with him until I saw him again a few weeks later. That's right kids, mama's all grown up.

So now we see eachother about once a month. We spend a few days together. We have a good time and then we get to hop on a plane and go back to real life without worrying about all of the girlfriend/boyfriend bullshit.

I did a bit of a friend house cleaning, telling off and kicking to the curb some friends I had forever. I'm the only one allowed to have an insane amout of drama in my life and some people were giving me a run for my money in that department. The true friends are still around. Some new ones have come to play and are proving to be even more fun than the oldies.

I've changed careers, bought a new house and am about to have a roommate which doesn't exactly tickle my clit, but I'm trying to be nice for a change and help someone out. I think I'm getting soft in my old age.


Gitwaaltk said...

well nice to be able to live vicariously though you again a lil smarter and well still looking damn good. welcome back and looking forward to reading these again.

Miss Sarah said...

Nice to have you back Steph!!! I sort of missed your dramatic self! :)

Lolita said...

For the record-- NOTHING good can ever come of dating someone named Dan! Believe me. My only hope is that you don't have "my" old one! He is king of douche bags!!

momtoabean said...

I'm so fucking glad you're back. In the last 2 years I had a kid.. so most of my blog reading is of the mommy nature and although it may be informative, its mostly a constant reminder of my own life, which, if we're being honest here, isn't all that interesting.

I'll be reading, daily, and just so you aren't worried, I'll leave my baggage (the kid) at the door.

Steph said...

mom- Congratulations! Jesus I've been gone a long time

lolita- dan is kind of a douche bag name so he's already off to a bad start. But I did date someone named Walsh so I'm obviously not too picky.

sarah- Thanks ;)

gitwaaltk- it's good to be back

Memphis Steve said...
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Memphis Steve said...

OK, I got here, started reading, and then the phone rang and took me away to drama land. So I only thought I had left a comment when in reality I had never even finished reading about your wild and crazy life.

So tell me more. My life is not so much fun right now and my favorite blogger has just closed down and left me. Just in time for your return. It's almost as if you could sense the void and rushed in to fill it.

Blogosaurus Rex said...

Hey Steph! Nice to see you back... I'd been checking in periodically, wondering what happened to ya.. I've been really bad about writing in my blogorama lately, but I'll have to change that.

Oh, sorry about the late comment, I was off enjoying the West coast for the past 10 days.